TITLE Sang-ho Lee, the Chairman of the Tongil Medical Co., Ltd donated to the Korea Homeland Race to raise
DATE 2023-05-03

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Armistice Day

and the elevation of the Department of Veterans


Raising awareness of love of country, patriotism,

 and security Homeland Race

Tongil Medical Co., Ltd Chairman Sang-ho, Lee donated 30,000,000 KRW in

personal expenses to the Korea Disabled Veterans Organization to sponsor the

Homeland Race to raise awareness of country love and national defense and security. 


This event was held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Korean Armistice,

  And the promotion of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, which has been a long-

  standing project by running around the country with indomitable spirit only by a

  handcycle, led by the national veteran members of the Korean Disabled Veterans


The event was organized and hosted by the Korean Disabled Veterans

  Organization, sponsored by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Korea

  Veterans Welfare and Medical Service Corporation, and supported by Tongil

  ical Co., Ltd.

In particular, Tongil Medical will cooperate with the successful completion of the

  mission by sending Min-Ho Yoo, a former national cycling coach and Sun-Jin

  Kim, the head of the homecare sales department to the event from June 1 to

  June 7, 2023.

 Sponsored by Tongil Medical Co. Ltd., Members of the Korea Disabled Veterans Organization will run 600

 kilometers from Busan to Seoul with indomitable will.

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