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Job info

TITLE Full-time employment in each category
CATEGORY a new/experience
PERIOD Regular recruitment


As a general medical equipment company, we are related to National Health Insurance Positive Pressure (CPAP) treatment service insurance.
CPAP manager, medical equipment technology sales, general affairs / accounting department, internet management, warehouse management
We are looking for new / experienced full-time employees.

[Recruitment Segment]

Recruitment Segment Area Personnel Requirements and Preference
Ventilator operation Seoul 0 Qualification requirements
- Academic background
ㆍRequest: Invitee or higher (scheduled to graduate)
ㆍExperience: High school graduates and above
- Division: New/Experienced
   ※ Only those with less than 5 years experience
- Gender: irrelevant
- The sales department of medical devices is the driver's licensee
 and Operators only (vehicle company provided)
- Accounting/General Affairs Department is experienced and has relevant certificates
- Home care business sells and delivers customers visiting the store
- Marketing division manages homepage/shopping mall
and Web Design Applicants
- Operate non-payment incentives across all sectors

Preferential Treatment
-Each category has a preference for experienced
-Priority of experienced medical device sales and pressure machine sales experience
-Preference of medical engineering and computer-related personnel
- Preferred foreign language proficiency
CPAP(Continuous positive airway pressure) operation Seoul 0
Busan 0
Daegu 0
Daejeon 0
Gwangju 0
Gangwon 0
Technical sales of medical equipment Seoul 0
General Affairs and Accounts Seoul 0
Creating shopping malls and managing homepages Seoul 0
Warehouse management Seoul 0

[Acceptance method and duration]

- How to Receive: e-mail( → Attached resume and cover letter